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Your Life Begins Today, Not at the Altar

By: Katelyn Beaty

In the West, marriage rates have sharply declined, and singleness no longer carries the stigma it once did. But the “marriage-is-adulthood” myth remains strong on Christian college campuses where young women anxiously wonder if they will get a ring by spring. Marriage provides a clear marker of adulthood and a structure for purposeful living. Even though I have enjoyed professional growth and opportunities in the decade since college, I sometimes sense I haven’t done as much with my life as friends who, you know, have made humans. Read More>>

The Dollhouse Years

By: Kristin Armstrong

The children are constantly changing, and this is reflected in their schedules, attitudes, levels of independence and desires for freedom. Unfortunately, sometimes mothers do not change alongside their children. They do the same things they did during their preschool days, only they take longer doing them. Exercise and errands lengthen and bleed into each other until days are filled with relatively meaningless fluff and floundering during the hours when the children are occupied. I see it all around me, women who shrug and describe their purpose as being a wife or a mother when those are roles, not purposes. A ring finger and a uterus do not a calling make (Yoda-speak for think bigger). Read More>>


By: Christy Nockels

Jesus has always led me by my heart. He knew that I was weary that day and He knew I’d be weary today. He knows my heart and my tendency to “do” instead of “be”. He knows the preacher’s kid in me will often auto-pilot to the Sunday School answer instead of reaching for the true rest that is mine today. The “yoke” I am invited into is Jesus’s way of doing life. Yes, there’s a way for us to live that He has already made for us. It might be a narrow path carved for us, but it’s like he’s saying, “look…it’s ME in the yoke with you! This is supposed to be easier than you’re making it, kiddo!” Read More>>

Two Words That Can Change a Life

By: Penny Hunter

It doesn’t really matter how they’re delivered – it just matters that they are. In our rush to get to the next thing, don’t forget to express your appreciation. Read More>>

The Remembering Room 

By: Lore Ferguson

I think sometimes we want to live in that room, covered over by the clutter of what was done to us and what we’ve done, sitting amongst the dirty laundry others are so keen on airing. But after a while we have to leave, there is a whole house to be lived in, even if it seems windowless at times, there is a flow, and organization, and life, and coffee, and breakfast, and floors to be swept and laughter to be had, all in the home we name Today. Read More>>