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Why Slowing Down is Paramount if We’re Ever to be The Body

By: Tsh Oxenreider

There is a direct correlation between being too busy and being about others—the more crammed our schedules, the less time we have to give others. When we only allow nooks and crannies in our days for rest, time alone, and self-care, then we are left threadbare to love others when they most need it. When our calendars are scribbled out in the margins because they are too full, we have no way to empty ourselves out in sacrifice. If we want to put others first, like Jesus? Then we must. slow. down. It’s the only way we as a Body can survive, thrive, be who we are meant to be in this rapid, rapid world. Read More>>

In Which I Don’t Mind if My Tinies See Me on the Computer

By: Sarah Bessey

In addition to that, we have decided it is GOOD for the tinies to see me loving my job, loving my work, being good at something, and actually doing it. To let them see me being faithful to my calling, let them see their dad empowering me to do it with his enthusiastic blessing, let them see it as part of our family’s gift to the world. This is what we do in this family: we support each other in our work and in our callings and even in the things we just plain love to do. Read More>>

Popular Blogger

By: Preston Yancey

What motivates me a bit too often when it comes to writing is an over-realized belief in my own importance to the work of God. I get all in a fury ready to defend the faith when, in reality, it’s not my fight or not my place or not my task. I heard once that Sabbath is best understood not as a rest in order to then go out and do more work, but a stopping, a declaration to the self that the self is not God, that the world will keep on turning if the self stays immobile. Read More>>

Your Job is More Important than You Think

By: Rebekah Bell

When C.S. Lewis was asked if the world needed more Christian writers, he responded, “No, we need more writers who are Christian.” In other words, we need individuals who glorify Christ through every job that they hold, regardless of their title. We need individuals who love God, live with honesty and integrity, strive for excellence and pursue truth, beauty and goodness in every endeavor. Read More>>

Leadership: What Christian Women Need to Know

By: Halee Gray Scott, Ph.D.

God is working through Christian women. The first challenge for most Christian women? Believing you are a leader at all. Believing you have gifts. Believing that God wants to use your life as a force for good. Read More>>