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Will Wonders Never Cease?

By: Melissa Greene

See, I live currently as one who strives for success.  At the end of each day, I lay in bed or wake up constantly grading my work–each task or assignment, my actions, my words…myself.

But then there are moments where I find myself on the Pacific Ocean and I realize that I’m not being graded for this.

My life is not a test from God.

My life is a gift from God. Read More>>


5 Reasons to Make Friends Who Are Different From You

By: Trillia Newbell

Knowing others who are not like you is one way to display to the world that in Christ we are the same. We are all made equally in the image of God, and when we display the unity found throughout Scripture, it speaks of the power of the Gospel to make us united. Read More>>

Combating Lies

By: Lindsey Nobles

I’ve never been the best Bible reader (this is getting real now, y’all) but I’m learning that only by walking closely with God, spending time reading His words, understanding His nature, will I ever be armed and ready to combat these lies.

Because “when it’s all over but the shouting” I want my feet to be planted on a firm foundation of Truth. Read More>>

The Implications of God

By: Jennie Allen

Face in my hands. Elbows on the table. My husband was sitting across the table at our lovely unsuspecting Italian restaurant, he pushed in close but I didn’t have words to define the tears hitting the table. He knew. More than 2 years ago we prayed a prayer and it’s repercussions were everywhere. Read More>>

IF:Table, a Toast & a Prayer

By: Shauna Niequist

You’re invited to fill the seats around your table, to begin with a toast and a prayer, to create space and ask meaningful questions. You’re invited to gather people you love around your table, knowing that on the second Sunday of every month, tables all over the world will be filling up, too. This is how the world changes–little by little, table by table, meal by meal, hour by hour. This is how we chip away at isolation, loneliness, fear. This is how we connect, in big and small ways–we do it around the table. Read More>>