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Here are some of the really good reads that we have found from around the blogosphere:

“Can Men and Women Really Lead Together”
by: Jenni Catron

I am a leader who happens to be a woman. That’s all. My gender shouldn’t define my opportunities or my limitations. It shouldn’t dictate whether I’m a good leader or a bad one. It shouldn’t be the thing that holds me back from leading nor should it be an excuse for me to be given opportunities that I haven’t earned. Read more>>

“The Ups & Downs of Singleness: Holiday Edition”
by: JenJ

The holidays are hard for many of us singles. Loneliness can be loud…a ringing in the ears that can’t be muted. Happy people surround us and even if it’s just a charade, it’s a reminder of what we do not have. Read more>>

“Chasing God”
by: Angie Smith

It’s always this way when I have to make a big announcement and I feel like lots of eyes turn my way, but this one is different. Every book I’ve written has been borne of struggle and crafted from the deepest part of me, but again, this one is just different. Read more>>

“What are you afraid of?”
by: Alli Worthington

“Let’s face it. Fear is real, and it exists in the healthiest and dare I say it, the holiest of places. People who work in ministries and non-profits are especially vulnerable to fear because their work is directly tied to their core belief system. Perhaps you’ve felt it rise up in you with questions like…”
Read more>>

“Being a Husband Who Unleashes His Wife”
by Jennie Allen

“The counselor shook his head as he looked at Zac’s and my gifting… spread out on the pages before him were detailed profiles of two very catalytic directional leaders. He chuckled and said, “Well you rarely  see this… such strong directional leaders married to each other.” Read more>>