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Get empowered to overcome the fears and insecurities that hold you back from believing you are qualified to disciple.

Discover that discipleship is possible no matter your season of life.

Get equipping tools that will help you to better understand and live out Jesus’ model for discipleship.

Gain wisdom from women who are very experienced in discipleship about the relational aspects of life-on-life investment.

Experience the support of a community of women who share your same desire to impact lives through discipleship.

discipleship is loving someone and teaching them to love what you love—jesus.

our commitment

  • Community
    We’re going to do it together! We’ll provide a community of women that is active and engaged in following Jesus to encourage you, pray for you, and walk alongside you.
  • Monthly Experience Kit
    Each month we will release exclusive equipping resources.

your commitment

  • One Year Minimum
    Minimum of one year getting equipped & living intentionally to disciple two women.
  • Maintain Monthly Subscription
    Demonstrate your commitment through maintaining your monthly subscription.
  • Facebook Account
    Members are required to have a Facebook account.

am i qualified to disciple?

Discipleship Collective members believe we are qualified because we’ve been called. We begin with the understanding that we don’t have it all together. We know that nothing we do would be possible without the love, mercy, and grace of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We all love and follow Jesus, and we desperately want to share that love with those around us.

We are committed to our personal growth in our love of God, His Word, holiness, the Church, and our mission of discipleship.

As we grow the Collective each member is committed to inviting two other women to join us on that journey of growth, strength, and unity.

Through prayer, presence, and patience, we believe that the love of God will transform lives as we share who He is.

What if we each made two disciples in our places around the globe, and then they made disciples? The ripple effects could change the world.

Your Subscription Includes
A Monthly Experience Kit featuring:

get equipped

Resources built to enrich your personal understanding of the biblical, theological, and practical relational aspects of discipleship.

the guide

Biblical foundation for important aspects of discipleship.

the podcast

Conversations with women who are seasoned at making disciples for practical, relational wisdom.

live intentionally

Tools intended for you to take action and engage the women you're discipling.

the activity

Focuses on going deep with God and with each other.

the challenge

Action-based steps that will help create healthy rhythms of intentionality with you and your two disciples!

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Registration is currently closed, but will open again on September 24th for our Fall class. Sign up for the wait list to be reminded about registration!