Giving God Away

Julianna Vereecken

Julianna is partnering with us in our vision to reach more women around the world, right where they are, by translating IF:Gathering 2017 into Spanish! A digital download of the event, voiced over in Spanish, will be available in April. Read her story and learn more about how you can be a part of God’s work to reach women in Latin America and Spanish speakers in the United States.


I was introduced to IF:Gathering through Restless. The study came at a moment when I was dealing with uncertainty about the future. One year before doing Restless, my family and I had set out to chase a dream – getting resources translated, not just for the Spanish language but also for culture, and into the hands of a generation hungry for God – and it had failed. I felt like God had let me down. I felt ashamed and was confused as to what was next for us – for me. Restless was exactly what I needed to hear. I leaned into the place where I was and just gave God the best I could.

Then I became part of a team that created an environment to bring the same message – of knowing God and giving God away – to the women of our church in Mexico (over 250)! They each experienced the clarity that comes from knowing you were made on purpose, for a purpose and you should just follow Him in every little step.

One of my best friends was invited to sing at IF:Gathering in 2016, and she was the reason I watched the livestream. I was discouraged because I was sitting in my kitchen, while all these women were doing great things “out there.”

As I watched and wrestled with those feelings, I pledged ANYTHING to God. In saying that, I meant that even if it meant small, in-my-kitchen things, I would do them. I told Him that I wanted Him glorified, even if that meant He would ask me to get out of His way.

I think He always knew He could ask anything of me and I’d obey, but when I said it, I am the one who realized that He could ask anything of me. I realized that I was committed to doing anything and that I meant it. I haven’t seen Him ask anything outstanding or huge, just small obedience that keeps leading me in a direction I never pictured myself going.

Today, He is calling me to risk failure again. He’s calling me to risk my tight grasp I have on everything I do – I always want control and perfection.

I’m afraid of not appearing like I have it figured out. Of looking like I don’t know what I’m doing or need help. The tension is that I keep obeying Him and getting into situations where all I need is help. I have to ask and call out to others.

I do not know the exact outcome, and I can’t control it, because He’s leading me one step at a time.

The question “how did you fully lean into Christ” uses the verb ‘did’ as if it was a one-time thing. I feel like ‘leaning into Christ’ is something I do and fail at incessantly. The best I can do is pray to Him often about what I feel, remind Him that those feelings are His fault (I wish I were kidding), and then do what I feel He’s asking.

I am again, with my family, pursuing that dream that had originally failed some years ago. I am helping grow a business that I never thought would become a reality. I am helping reach the women in my circle with the very same message that changed my life by translating resources not just for language but also for culture so that those barriers are removed for these women to truly be able to experience God.

When I think about doing this for the women in my church, my small group, and my neighborhood, it gives me the encouragement I need to take the next step of obedience, even though don’t know where it all leads. I guess following God looks like being constantly scared that it’s all going to fail, and remembering that it’s not about me at all.


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