IF:Gathering’s vision is to gather, equip, and unleash women to live out their calling.
We do this by providing tools and resources that leaders use to serve women in their communities
through the local church.

Because we desire to see a global gathering of women across denominations, generations, and cultures come together in the name of Jesus, in faith, we have not charged a ticket price for IF:Austin or IF:Local the last four years.

Instead, we asked everyone to give what they could (donate) as the registration fee. We trusted you and believed God, and the gatherings were completely funded by tens of thousands of generous women giving to our vision. We must say a huge thank you to those of you who made it possible! Because of this, we are committed to the “give what you can” model again this year.

Here we are at the same moment, and we need more than ever for you to be a part of making this happen once again.


IF:Austin Registration

The approximate cost per person of the event is $325, but we want all women, including anyone who could not pay the full ticket price, to have the opportunity to attend. Therefore, we do not have a set ticket price and ask that you to give what you can to our vision. Some of you can afford to pay your full way; would you please consider giving the cost of the ticket or more to help us bridge the financial gap? We believe God will provide what we need again through everyone paying their part.


IF:Local Registration

Traditionally, events charge churches thousands of dollars to host their livestream. We are not charging this fee; instead, we ask IF:Local hosts and attendees to give what they can to our vision. There is something so beautiful about women rallying together to make this ministry possible! A lot of hosts ask about a recommended donation amount; we have calculated $25 per person.