Conversation One: What is Your Experience with God?

We have a specific vision and purpose behind these next four months for IF:Table: to help you initiate and have real conversations about Jesus with women in your life who may not know Him. We’re calling it Conversations About Jesus, and we think you are going to love this set of four authentic and Jesus-focused videos and conversation cards.

This month, the conversation is based around the question: “What is your experience with God?” In this first video, Jeanne Stevens shares with the women around her table:

“I actually think ‘through’ is one of the most hope-filled words that exists. You aren’t where you once were, and so you are moving through.”

Isn’t that a beautiful way to approach this series? We are all in process. We are all moving through. And because of who Jesus is, we have hope. We hope this reminder is encouraging to you as you go deeper in conversations about faith and Jesus with the women around your table.

Click below for everything you’ll need to gather for an IF:Table this month:

  1. Get equipped! Watch the IF:Table Leader Video and download the IF:Table Leader Guide.
  2. Prepare for your table by downloading the Conversation One Conversation Cards and the 20-minute video of Conversation One, or simply click play below and watch the video on this page.


We hope you’ll enjoy this first month of Conversations About Jesus, and we will see you back here on May 1st for Conversation Two: Who is Jesus?

P.S. Looking for more info on the overall vision or details behind this IF:Table series? Watch the IF:Table Visioncast or read this post to learn more about Conversations About Jesus.



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