Conversation Four: How do we live out our faith?

We’re talking about how we live out our faith in the final month of Conversations About Jesus, and we think you’ll love this conversation between these friends. All you need for this month’s table is to download the conversation cards, gather your people for a meal, and watch the video below. Enjoy this conversation — it’s a fun one!

Our prayer is that this four-month series has brought a new depth of honesty and vulnerability to your conversations around the table and that you have a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and what He wants for you.

Where do we go from here?
We encourage you to continue gathering and having these conversations. Consider starting a Bible study with your group using the I Believe study on and in the Shoppe. Continue to meet and build community within your IF:Table group using the conversation cards posted monthly on the IF:Table blog.

How do we continue to point women to Jesus?
1. Get a Bible and start reading God’s Word (together or individually)
2. Start attending a local church and get involved in your local church community

Thank you for joining us for this series and for choosing to be honest and go deeper in conversation about faith, life, and Jesus. The truth is, we’re all in process with Jesus, and we are grateful to be on this journey of faith together.


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