A New Tool for IF:Table

Many of our neighbors, co-workers, and people we come across on a daily basis want to explore what they believe. If we’re honest, starting those conversations is hard and awkward, and a lot of times we fail to engage.

We truly believe lives can be changed through conversations women have around the table, which is why we are so excited to be rolling out a new vision next month for one of our favorite tools, IF:Table. Check out the vision and how it’s going to work:




Next month, we will be releasing a new IF:Table resource to help equip you to have spiritual conversations with the women in your life who might not know Jesus. While this might feel a bit out of your comfort zone, know that we will give you the tools to equip you as you step out in faith.


Our hope for IF:Table has always been to provide a tool that gives women a comfortable and safe opportunity to connect over a meal and a conversation. We have found that it feels easier to invite someone over for a meal in a home rather than an event or church and that these conversations help us to know the Lord in a deeper way. We have a specific vision and purpose behind these next four months for IF:Table: to help you initiate conversations about Jesus with women in your daily life who may not know him.

Over the next four months, we will be releasing a new resource we’re calling IF:Table – Conversations About Jesus. Starting on April 1st, we will post a 20-minute video, a set of Conversation Cards, and a Leader Guide at the beginning of each month. These table conversation videos are a collaboration of many voices in honest conversations about who Jesus is, how he’s changed our lives, and why we love him. We’ve created sets of Conversation Cards for each month that will help you dive deeper into some of the topics discussed in each video and a Leader Guide to equip you in how to create a safe and deep environment, how to invite people, and more.


If you’ve done IF:Table before, this will feel very similar to what you’ve experienced in the past. The only new component is that we’ve added a video. On the evening you get together for your IF:Table, simply have everyone gather around the computer or tv to watch the video, then move to the table for a meal and conversation.

There are two ways to join in:

1. Join us online and host your table monthly. The videos and questions will be available for free at iftable.com, and will be released on the first of the month in April, May, June, and July.

2. Purchase the IF:Table – Conversations About Jesus DVD set in the IF:Gathering Shoppe. We are so excited to be able to offer this resource to you in a DVD bundle, which includes 16 Conversation Cards to use alongside the table conversation videos. This product is a great option for you if you would like to go at your own pace or enjoy having a physical copy of the Conversation Cards and videos. While you are free to host your IF:Table once a week or at any pace that suits your group, we would encourage you to watch the table conversations in order, as the topics build on one another.

As Jennie said in the Visioncast, our prayer is that you’ll be brave enough to invite the people you think don’t want to come. Check out the IF:Table Visioncast video above for more about the vision and hope for this new tool.

In faith,
The IF:Gathering Team


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