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End of Year Giving

November is a month where we all get to sit across the table and talk about how grateful we are, and I need you to know: we are so grateful for you! WE CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU! Our mission at IF:Gathering has been the same from the beginning. Before we ever existed as an organization, this mission was the very thing I kept hearing from God in the middle of the night: Disciple a generation.

For so long I wondered, “Okay, but how?”

It’s you. You are how we do this. It’s your small steps of obedience–gathering, equipping, and unleashing women in your places to make disciples. 

Whether you realize it or not. you are stepping up to this commandment that Jesus gave as He left this earth to “Go and make disciples.” We see women starting to take responsibility for the people and the places that He has given each of us, and they are believing that small acts of obedience have the power to transform a woman’s life, their neighborhood, their church, and even their city.

So, team, how do we reach an entire generation?

Here’s how: You take your discipleship and multiply it.

What do we mean? God has set you in a specific time and place for such a time as this. The same can be said about this generation. It’s highly unlikely that you can disciple the women in the next state or over, but we know the women who can and we’re ready to equip them. You may not have influence on the nearest military base, but we know the woman who does. That’s the beauty of IF:Gathering. It’s this giant army, this giant sisterhood, and you’re apart of that. When you financially support IF:Gathering, you’re partnering with us to equip and unleash women all over the world for discipleship.

We encourage you to consider not just living out discipleship, but generously supporting this army of other women who we are reaching to make disciples, just like you.


Give to IF


Here is what we’ve figured out:

Will you consider giving to IF:Gathering by the end of the year, so you can support our calling to unleash a generation of disciple makers? If you gave $35 a month, that’s 10 women that you’re supporting their efforts to make disciples where they are. That’s 10 more places and countless number of lives where your discipleship is being multiplied.


Give to IF


Over the next few weeks our team is going to share with you some of the stories we’ve heard about the impact you’re having in your places and give you some numbers to show how far you’re reaching and how you can help us grow and multiply that reach. When you keep running your race right where you are and you throw in with us to support other women in this mission, that’s how we disciple a generation.