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IF:Lead 2021

ader. You're a leader. You're a le

IF:Lead is a one-day, virtual leadership event for women.

After one of the hardest years of being a leader, it’s time to rebuild. People have a spiritual hunger that we hold the answer to, and never in our lifetime has it been more important to feed hungry people. 

Whether you’re leading your family, your team, your classroom, or your Bible study, there’s a lot of work to be done, and you are the people God has called to do it. During IF:Lead 2021, we want to give you practical conversations, teaching, and next steps that will help you remember you’re not alone, and equip you to reclaim discipleship in this new day.

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Pricing Options

Purchase a host pass for $49 then choose from two attendee options.


Pay for your attendees up front!

Pay as you go

Attendees will pay as they register.

Interested in hosting but not sure what to expect?

Find all of the information you need to know about hosting a group in our Interested Host Guide.


ader. You're a leader. You're a le


We want you to gather with a few of your people! It will be way more fun this way, we promise. If gathering in person isn’t feasible for you or you want to connect with a team that’s geographically spread out, you can still gather with them digitally.

No matter how you decide to gather, we want hosting to be as simple as possible for you. Take this opportunity to just gather your people for a time to rest, reset, and start the fall refreshed. And don’t worry, we’ll give you everything you need to host so all you have to do is invite the people God has called you to run with!

We have group pricing this year for IF:Lead!

Pay $49 for a Host Pass, and then choose from two payment options for your attendees: 

1. Pre-Pay

You can pay for all of your attendees up front! This is helpful if you are either (1) looking to cover the cost of hosting for your attendees or (2) need to charge your own ticket price that includes meals, supplies, etc. You pay the $49 Host Fee for yourself and a low ticket price for your attendees.

2. Pay As You Go

You can opt for each attendee to pay their own ticket price as they register. When you register to host, you will get a unique URL with an event code that allows you to share with your invitees that allows them to sign up for your event. As the host, you will pay $49 for your Host Pass, and unlock a $10 promo code on all attendee ticketing. That means your attendees can participate for as little as $19.

As a host, we will provide the following:

  • Live Event Feed (During the live event on August 7th, or through OnDemand after August 23rd)
  • Hosting support for 3 months after the event through the IF:Lead platform
  • Access to all breakout sessions
  • Ability to watch Spanish Stream

You’ll also get resources to help you host, including:

  • Event Guide with information specific to IF:Lead 2021
  • Host Invite Plan
  • Promotional graphics and flyers. Plus, access to Canva to create your own customized graphics

You can host live with us on August 7th, or for up to three months after the event with On Demand, which releases on Monday, August 16th.