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A one-day digital event for women

We’ve all been sitting in a lot of tensions.

We’ve all been sitting in a lot of tensions. We miss being busy, but we’re also afraid of returning to the way things were. We are grateful for time with people we love, but saddened by the struggles in our own lives, and those we love. We want to dream about the future, but it feels completely unknown.

So, what is it? Mission or rest? Joy or disappointment? Dream big or wait on God?

What if I told you it’s both—all of it? My favorite seminary professor always said, “Embrace the tension.” And never have words resonated more.

So, for IF:Lead 2020, we are embracing the tension with this sisterhood of women God has given us called IF:Gathering. We do not want you to miss it! And yes, this is for you. Whether you lead toddlers or are a CEO of a company or lead a small Bible study in your dorm room. You lead! Here are some of the dreams we have for you:

  • You will stop waiting to lead yourself and the people who need you.

  • You feel equipped to study and teach your Bible, as well as bring people together to talk about Jesus.

  • You will build the community you have been craving around the mission God has for you.

  • You will innovate with your team and friends about how to transform your church, neighborhood, family, or workplace.

  • You will have space to celebrate and dream with women all over the world together about how God could use us in our generation.

Tune in now!

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How to Give Your Kids Theology

Jennie Allen

Kids are not too young to have a big view of God. Join Jennie Allen as she equips you in the busiest season of life with simple, engaging tools that will fuel your kids’ curiosity and give them a better understanding of who God is.

Engage with Technology in a Healthy Way

Jefferson Bethke

This pandemic has never made us more thankful for technology, yet painfully addicted. How do we stay engaged in a healthy way? Join Jefferson Bethke as he challenges us to take hold of our technology usage as leaders and get our lives back.

Cultivating a Heart of Worship

Layla de la Garza

What IS worship? Can my daily routines, my job, the mundaneness of life be counted as worship? Join worship leader Layla De La Garza as she walks you through how to take practical steps to daily cultivate a life that worships our Creator. This session is for all leaders, not just worship leaders!

Don’t Overcomplicate Discipleship

Annie F. Downs

We are all called to discipleship, but we often complicate what that means, and shut ourselves down, because we think we’re not qualified. Join author, podcast host, and speaker, Annie F. Downs, as she shares about the art of discipleship and mentorship in a world that values authenticity. 

Discover Your Gifts

Jamie Ivey

Do you ever look at the satisfaction and success in other people’s lives, and wonder where yours is? Join author, podcast host, and speaker, Jamie Ivey, as she helps you discover and own your gifts. You will be challenged to give up the idea that you must have someone else’s skills, talents, family, or resources to succeed, and instead use your influence to start leaving your mark on the world.

Building Community in a Chaotic World

Vivian Mabuni

In a noisy world, we are craving deep community. How can we be connected to thousands of friends on social media, and around people all day, yet so desperately lonely sometimes? If you are feeling a deep need for community, join Vivian Mabuni for an honest discussion on how to take practical steps to cultivate, lead and build the depth of relationships that we all crave.

Pursuing Racial Reconciliation

Latasha Morrison

A large portion of our world has woken up recently with the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. What does it look like to become an ally in racial reconciliation? There is permission to try, fail, and learn, but sometimes our tendency to act before we understand can perpetuate the problem. How are our efforts hurting others? How do we do this work in a way that’s actually helpful? When do we speak up, and when do we need to shut up? Join Latasha Morrison, founder of Be the Bridge, as she offers practical next steps in this work of racial reconciliation.

How to Read + Teach Your Bibles

Joel Muddamalle

Do you understand your Bible and feel equipped to teach it? Joel Muddamalle, Director of Theology and Research for Proverbs 31 Ministries, will unpack how to both read your Bible and effectively teach it. We want you to walk away with a deep appreciation for the beauty of scripture, as well as practical tools to help you teach those you’re discipling.

The Life You Long For

Christy Nockels

As leaders, we can get in the rut of believing that our service to God and His kingdom is our highest calling, so we miss what He truly treasures for us—to live and serve from the overflow of the deep, soul-rest He offers. Sometimes our hustle holds us back from discovering our true identity in the quiet center of God’s love. An identity that holds the key to unlocking the life and the leadership God created us for! Join Christy Nockels as she talks about her new book, The Life You Long For, and reminds you what it looks like to rest in who God is, as you continue to run your race.

The Emotional Highs and Lows of Leadership

Dr. Anita Phillips

Anxiety is an epidemic in our world, and leaders experience emotional highs and lows on a daily basis. Join Dr. Anita Phillips to gain tools on managing the stress and pressure in your life. Emotional health is one of the most overlooked avenues of growth for leaders. 

Empowering Young Adults to Be the Future of the Church

Jonathan Pokluda

Whether you are already leading Millennials or Gen Z, or you want to better understand how to, this session is for you. Pastor and author JP Pokluda will help you relate to the younger people you are leading and learn how to champion their gifts and voice for the good of your church or organization.

The Tensions of Ministry and Business

Ruth Chou Simons

How do you run a ministry that’s also a business? When do you choose obedience over profit goals? Join author, artist, entrepreneur, and speaker, Ruth Chou Simons, as she unpacks the tensions of both realities, and helps you define the overall goal. 

Our Speakers

Jennie Allen

Jefferson Bethke

Christine Caine

Eugene Cho

Toni Collier

John Mark Comer

Layla de la Garza

Annie F. Downs

Jada Edwards

Chrystal Evans Hurst

Davy Flowers

Kirk & Tammy Franklin

Shelley Giglio

Jamie Ivey

Cheryl Luke

Vivian Mabuni

Beth Moore

Tasha Morrison

Joel Muddamalle

Christy Nockels

Dr. Anita Phillips

Jonathan Pokluda

Ruth Chou Simons

Angie Smith

Ann Voskamp

Katherine Wolf