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IF:Lead 2020

Digital Access will be available Monday, August 24!

Thank you for joining us for IF:Lead 2020!

We can’t quit talking about IF:Lead on Saturday, and all of your comments and pictures. Did you know that if you’re a Year Pass or Bonus Pass holder, you’ll get to watch the talks and all of the breakouts all year long?

We covered politics, race, the future of the church, and our part in all of it, and we all walked away more unified than divided. We’re thanking God for this, and we’re so glad you joined us!

You’ll be getting a link in your inbox on Monday, August 24 with instructions on how to sign into your Digital Access.

Day Pass holders – do you want to purchase digital access? You can do that here.

Digital Access FAQs

What is Digital Access?

Digital Access allows you to watch the main sessions and breakout content from IF:Lead 2020 for one year after the event (worship is not included)! It’s a great way to make sure you can re-watch all of your favorite talks from the event, and also allows you to host friends or fellow leaders later in the year who may not be able to join live!

Digital Access for IF:Lead 2020 is included with the purchase of a Year Pass or Bonus Pass, and is available to purchase here for $30 for anyone that would like to purchase!

Is worship included in Digital Access?

Worship is not included in Digital Access, but you will be able to watch all main session and breakout content.

How long does Digital Access last?

You will have Digital Access to IF:Lead 2020 for 12 months.

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Our Speakers

Jennie Allen

Jefferson Bethke

Christine Caine

Eugene Cho

Toni Collier

John Mark Comer

Layla de la Garza

Annie F. Downs

Jada Edwards

Chrystal Evans Hurst

Davy Flowers

Kirk & Tammy Franklin

Shelley Giglio

Jamie Ivey

Cheryl Luke

Vivian Mabuni

Beth Moore

Tasha Morrison

Joel Muddamalle

Christy Nockels

Dr. Anita Phillips

Jonathan Pokluda

Ruth Chou Simons

Angie Smith

Ann Voskamp

Katherine Wolf