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We Need Good News

The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and good news refreshes the bones.

Proverbs 15:30

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All too often we feel the buzz of a smartphone and see our news feed light up the screen—another shooting, another natural disaster, another crisis. We also see the lavish lifestyles of so many people on social media chasing another adventure, another lover, another outfit. Then we go to the coffee shops and sit with our friends. We use buzzwords like shame, trauma, and abuse. We self-medicate with sex, fame, and food. We look for rescuing from our books, our celebrities, and our vacations. The whirring chaos of false security and empty promises takes its toll, and we keep hitting refresh waiting for tweets and grams to tell us something good. We need something to cut through the noise, something to refresh the soul, something to bring hope to a world marked by despair. We need good news.

A Big Enough Gospel

Complain about Uber Eats forgetting your Mexican Coke or dressing on the side, and you know to brace yourself for the snarky “first world problems” rebuttal from a frenemy. While your missing tahini-garlic dressing should not register as a big problem on a human level, these interactions leave us wondering if our problems matter in the face of global epidemics we see on our news feeds. Does it matter that I am heartbroken about my singleness when babies go to bed hungry? Does it matter that I struggle with depression and anxiety when refugees wander this planet looking for a home? Does it matter that I am addicted to my smartphone when women and children endure sex trafficking in staggering numbers? What if God is compassionate and big enough to care for every person hurting? What if God’s gospel is big enough to comfort the lonely, set the captives free, minister to us in our despair, and mobilize a generation to push back against the evil we see in our world? Is the gospel big enough for all of this?

the gospel everyday

The gospel of God—the good news that the kingdom of God has been inaugurated by Jesus— means good news for the world. Rather than thinking of the gospel as a one-time event in the life of the believer, we recognize that the gospel is a worldwide proclamation that Jesus has come to deliver us from our sin, comfort us, strengthen us, and mobilize the cavalry to go into the world “gospel-ing” it through word and deed. The gospel bears witness that we live in a kingdom, we belong to a king, and we have faith, hope and love at our disposal for every moment—big or small.


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The Good Gospel

Daily Question

How can the gospel—the good news of the kingdom of God—be a way for you to bring hope, joy, and peace in your own life and in the lives of others?

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Comments (11)

I get caught up in worldly things, such as anxiety, depression, frustration, stress, things that everyday people deal with. I need to be reminded of the gospel daily through the Bible and prayer and allow the good news to be reflected on my life. I’m hoping through this study I will be reminded of God’s love for me and that I will show others His love through my actions, attitude, and demeanor.

By being fully aware of the fact that God created me for a relationship with him; that I hold joy, hope, and peace inside of me: all of which are gifts from him. Wake up choosing to focus on the good and be filled with the knowledge that there is nothing in my day that I will face alone.

It reminds me I am loved, cared for and created for a purpose. And I should treat others that same way. I have a savior that sacrificed Himself for me. To be more greatful in everything. To see His hand working in my life.

Knowing Jesus is walking along side me I can leave fear behind. When I walk through my day without fear I can minister to those I come in contact with at work, home or in my neighborhood.

I shouldn’t worry about all the things I worry about- I should remember that God is in control and is big enough to take my anxiety and deal with it. The Bible states that worry is good for nothing, so what good does it do us? My purpose is to trust and glorify my God and remember the sacrifices made to cover my sin. I need to live for God, not cave into my weakness with my anxiety. He has a plan for me and I am attempting to sabotage it when I don’t trust in him. This was a timely reminder for me that I desperately need to remember every day- not just during times of trouble.

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I have used the gospel to help me pray more and worry less. I find peace in listening to worship music while driving. It’s a time when I feel safe to pray and just be alone with the Lord. I pray that I can bring these things to other people by simply sharing what brings me joy; whether it be a song, a podcast, an Instagram post, or a smile.

When feeling overwhelmed I can take hope in knowing my future is already prepared for me. I can give this same hope for tomorrow to others struggling under their demanding lifestyle.

My parents came to America with hardly a dime to their name. They worked their butts off so that we could have a better life. Free to worship God and share the good news of the gospel. I’m grateful for their sacrifices. Ever since I was little, I remember giving my things to others. I saw my parents model selflessness and because God have them in abundance, they blessed all of the people around them. I did the same. I remember skipping lunch in middle school time and time again because a friend’s parents couldn’t afford to give their child money to buy lunch. When I was older and working, I would pay random friends cell phone bills because I knew they weren’t going to make it that month. I’ve been led to send a person from our church from CA a lump sum of money to help them feed their 3 little children. I try to show God’s love and grace through the things I put my time and effort in. I volunteer a ton and hope that the light I’m shining touches someone at some point in my life.

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