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The 10-year celebration

Join us February 23rd and 24th as we mark this moment.

Celebrating 10 Years A Reason to Celebrate,
A Moment to Risk Again.

Let’s thank God for all He’s done in these last ten years, and prepare to keep building His kingdom in the next.

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Gather your people and join us for IF:2024 right where you are. Livestream the event and host an IF:Local in your church, home, or dorm room. Don’t want to host? Look for one near you to attend!


IF:Local Stories

"I recently came back to the US after spending 7.5 months deployed overseas. While deployed I felt like my relationship with the Lord was dwindling. When I came back, I was invited to attend an IF:Local and it was just what I needed to revive my relationship with the Lord. The speakers were inspirational, the worship was powerful, and I could physically feel the Lord working His magic in my life this past weekend. I am so excited to attend IF: Gathering in Ft. Worth next year and to bring my friends with me." Hannah
"I attended IF:Local for the first time in 2023 because a friend recommended it to me. I bought my mom a ticket and we went together. This is the first time we have ever attended something like this together! We left completely changed! As a believer, this conference refreshed my soul and gave me a fiery passion to go out and disciple the next generation! I feel the holy spirit within me stronger than I have in years! I am a middle school teacher and I am using what I learned to spread Jesus to my colleagues and students with mercy and goodness following me!" Hayli
"I watched IF:Gathering for the very first time in 2016. It was a catalyst event in my faith. I was a sophomore in college at the time, and I watched in my bedroom by myself that weekend. Although I grew up in church, I grew passionate about knowing and loving God deeper, understanding my beliefs, discipleship, and community, and I was just propelled into action. I joined a small group, began mentoring the younger generation, sought mentorship from the older, began really reading and studying God's word, and just said YES to what God had laid on my heart. Thank you, IF:Gathering for all that you do to equip and unleash God's people!" Sydney
"Y'all, I have tears streaming down my face. I can't tell you what IF:Gathering means to me. The first time I attended was in 2016, and I found out I was pregnant during a session where the speaker was discussing shame and guilt and how God loves us and forgives us. This will always stick with me. She said along the lines, "I just feel the need to say this, if you are struggling with abortion, know that you are not alone" I KNEW that was directly for me because I was struggling with what was my next step would be. I wasn't ready to be a mom alone. I felt so much shame. Here I am six years later, I attended IF:Dallas, and I am struggling with infertility... Wild right? The conference seems to come around exactly when I need it." Genesis
"In September of 2012 or 2013, I attended a women's conference in Kansas that Jennie spoke at. She talked about her vision of IF:Gathering and how that vision was coming to life. I can remember her talking about how we are to run this race of life together. The military moved my family to Guam, and my dream of attending IF:Gathering in person was put on hold. When we returned to the States, the military brought us to Texas. But for some reason or another, I have not been able to attend in person. I was able to watch the livestream two years ago. That year God strongly encouraged me to connect with Him and other people. For 2024, I have a ticket!" Judith
"For years, my friends have been trying to get me to come to our local church. I didn’t grow up surrounded by faith or church. As an adult, I’ve struggled with the concept of religion. The first weekend of January I attended, and I haven’t missed a Sunday since. I was invited to attend the IF:Local event by a friend. It truly catapulted my want for God in my life. I left with an overwhelming feeling of fullness. I just wanted more. I am counting down the days until next year, and I can’t wait to attend in person in Ft. Worth all the way from Maryland!" Erika

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February 23rd

Day 1

Session 1: 6pm-7:30pm CT

Session 2: 8pm-10:00pm CT

February 24th

Day 2

Session 3: 9am-10:30am CT

Session 4: 11am-12:30pm CT

Session 5: 2:30pm-4:30pm CT

IF:2024 Partner

We want to be part of the generation that helps to finish translating the Bible into every language! Through the illumiNations Twelve Verse Challenge, we’re committed to funding the translation of Scripture, so every person on the planet can understand God’s Word in their own heart language. At IF:2024, you’ll have an opportunity to partner with illumiNations to make the Word of God accessible to ALL people by 2033.


An IF:Local is a gathering of women committed to discipleship who gather across denominations, generations, and cultures to be in the Word and worship together. Hosting an IF:Local is being a part of a sisterhood of women who are willing to step out in faith because there’s nothing better than women experiencing the love of Jesus. PLUS! We make hosting easy. Bring together a few women at your church, your small group, or your neighborhood to watch the livestream of IF:Gathering.

Join hundreds of thousands of women worldwide and host an IF:Local LIVE in your place this February 23-24, 2024 or using IF:2024 On Demand anytime after March 11, 2024.

Yes! We will have live Spanish translation available on the livestream during IF:2024.

Yes, we will have live ASL interpreters at IF:Fort Worth and a reserved seating section for ASL attendees.

Yes! Grab a friend, husband, small group leader or family member and fill out this form to volunteer for IF:Fort Worth, and our team will be in touch!

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