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IF:Gathering 2022


God does.

Worship with raised hands

IF:2022 is a two-day event where women all over the world gather together, get equipped, and discover the next step in their calling:

to go and make disciples.

You can still host IF:2022!

We want you gathered in living rooms and dorm rooms and churches all over this planet. Because you with your people builds the kingdom. Do not miss this.

IF:2022 is available in Spanish and ASL.

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Jennie Allen

Alyssa Bethke

Jefferson Bethke

Christine Caine

Lauren Chandler

Matt Chandler

Toni Collier

Layla de la Garza

Jada Edwards

Davy Flowers

Justin Giboney

Ellie Holcomb

Sadie Robertson Huff

Jamie Ivey

Gabe Lyons

Rebekah Lyons

Latasha Morrison

Christy Nockels

Bianca Olthoff

Jackie Hill Perry

Dr. Anita Phillips

Jonathan Pokluda

Jon Reddick

Ruth Chou Simons

Dr. Curt Thompson

Chidima Ubah

Ann Voskamp

Mina Whitlock

Katherine Wolf

Hosanna Wong

IF:2022 Breakouts

Take Back Your Family

Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

When Jefferson Bethke and his wife, Alyssa, were wrestling with how to create a healthy Christian family, they dug deep into what the Bible says about having a purpose-oriented family that follows after God, and their family flourished. Join Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke as they walk you through their journey of opting out of our Western concept of family and embracing God’s beautiful, radical design to be multi-generational teams on mission.

Living With Compassion AND Conviction

Justin Giboney & Jamie Ivey

In an extremely divisive world, what if there was a “third way?” What if there was a way to hold the tension of both sides that would show the world God’s heart for humanity? What if our greatest evangelical tool was how we responded to today’s cultural issues with grace, love, and truth? Join Justin Giboney, founder of the AND Campaign, and Jamie Ivey, as they discuss how to live with conviction while leading with compassion.

How to Be a Bridge Builder

Tasha Morrison & Ellie Holcomb

Starting the journey of racial reconciliation can feel daunting and leave us paralyzed, wondering where to begin. Or after the recent years of division and hostility, it might feel too scary to even engage in the conversation. Join Ellie Holcomb and Be the Bridge founder, Tasha Morrison, as they take you on a journey through Ellie’s story of racial reconciliation in her own life, so that we may understand how to take steps forward and see the life-changing work of the gospel in a wider, deeper, and powerful way. 

Who are You Following?

Sadie Robertson Huff

In a world obsessed with social media likes, follows, and influencers, how do we navigate who we’re letting influence us? Who are we allowing to influence our daily thoughts and actions? Join Sadie Robertson as she takes us on a deep dive to explore how to live a vibrant, bold, and uncompromising life of faith in God when we have so many voices telling us who to be.

Why Engaging Culture is How the Church Grows

Gabe & Rebekah Lyons

The word “culture” is a loaded term and it can feel overwhelming to keep up to date with how the world is moving. Is engaging in cultural conversations a waste of time? Or is it actually a way we make disciples and build God’s Kingdom on earth? Join Gabe and Rebekah Lyons as we explore God’s call on our life to engage in the world around us. 

Embracing Your Emotions

Dr. Anita Phillips

Emotions are part of our spiritual, mental, and physical well-being, but many of us ignore them or view them as the enemy. Mental health expert and trauma therapist, Dr. Anita Phillips, teaches from the intersection of mental health and faith and believes emotions actually play an important role as a guide in our life. Join us as we discover how to embrace emotions and use them as tools in your every day in this session with Dr. Anita.

Top 10 Questions Young Adults are Asking

Jonathan "JP" Pokluda

Join Jonathan “JP” Pokluda as we discuss the top 10 questions he gets asked on his “Friday Q&A” on Instagram. The next generation has a lot of questions about dating, culture, church, and theology, and JP is a mentoring voice who is passionately leading from a Biblical perspective. Whether you’re a young adult or you want to better lead the next generation, this session will equip you for a way forward.

What God Thinks About You

Ruth Chou Simons

What do you think God thinks about you? Scripture tells us he delights in us, but few of us ever live into this truth. Instead, we walk around feeling shame, guilt, and the burden of performance. Join Ruth Chou Simons as she reminds us that God’s love is based on his character, not our performance. When we know who he is and how he sees us, we can let go of striving for perfection and instead run to his embrace.

When a Life of Joy Seems Impossible

Katherine Wolf

Joy is easy to find when your days are easy and light, but how do we also choose joy in the mundane and dark days? How do we remain steadfast and immovable when everything around us is changing constantly? Katherine Wolf believes joy isn’t only found in a pain-free life. Join Katherine as she shows us how to live in the tension of “The GoodHard” and to have joy no matter what our circumstances may be.

When You Want to Quit Church

Hosanna Wong

At one point or another, many of us feel disappointment in our local church. So, how do we handle that? When do we stay and when do we leave? God promises that the church is the way he wants to redeem the earth, so join Hosanna Wong as she reminds us why it matters, how to stay when it gets hard, and what to do when we feel like leaving.