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Your Registration Checklist

We are so thrilled to share with you our brand new IF:Local registration system! We built this with the input of IF:Local Hosts. It’s more simplified, streamlined and easy-to-use than ever before. Yet, we’ve also given you many more tools to make collecting information and money from each attendee a lot easier! Please read through the checklist below to understand how each of the six steps works.

Below is a High-level checklist, but here’s all of the nitty-gritty:

Download the Registration Checklist

Here’s where you get started: https://iflocal.com/

There are Two Steps to Signing Up:

  1. Purchase Your Event Licensing Fee
  2. Create/Activate Your Account (Please note: If you have a Discipleship Collective Account, you will use the same login information)

Now that you’ve Activated Your Account, you’re ready to complete the 6 steps to getting your event ready to go live. A Get Started page will appear, and on this one page you will find that you can complete all six registration steps.

  • Step #1: Tell Us: Who are your co-hosts?

This year, you can sign up your co-hosts, and they will have the same admin access to manage your event. They will also appear as co-hosts on your IF:Local registration page.

  • Step #2: Event Basic Information

Here is where you will enter in your basic event information (i.s.location, date, and time).

  • Step #3: Tell Your Attendees About Your Event!

This is where you will fill out the specific event information that will appear on your IF:Local event page. You can write a description about the event, share information about meals and childcare, and advertise if your event will provide American Sign Language or Spanish translations. 

  • Step #4: Customize Your Registration Form & Manage Your Registration

This is what we’re most excited to provide! Now you can customize the questions you ask on your registration form. If you need to know your attendees lunch order, now you can ask.

  • Step #5: Collect an IF:Local Event Fee

You can charge a ticket price for your event. More details on this to come!

  • Step #6: Review & Turn On Your Event Registration

Disclaimer: Your registration website is not live until you make it live. It’s the final step. Everything you put into your registration page is editable prior to going live.

Once you turn registration on there are two things that can no longer be edited:

  1. Your ticket price & payment collection information
  2. Your registration form – no adding, editing, or removing any questions from your registration form


After you are live, you can still edit the information about your event that you communicate on your IF:Local event page.