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Registration System FAQs

Host Registration Questions

Q: I don’t know how many attendees I’ll have prior to signing up to host. What should I do?
First and foremost, we encourage you to be honest and fair. We also encourage you to underestimate for two reasons: 1) We will not be able to provide refunds if you end up having less attendees than what you register for. 2) The registration system will notify you that you’ve exceeded the number of attendees you originally signed up for and you will be prompted to upgrade your account.

Q: If I have more people register than I paid for, what happens?
Your registration will be pause, and your primary host will receive an email notifying her that she should upgrade to a larger sized event. Additional payment will be required at that time.

Q: What if I do not hit the minimum number attendees for my tier, can I get a partial refund?
No, we cannot offer refunds to IF:Local Hosts.

Q: Can I get a refund on my licensing fee?
No, we will not refund licensing fees.

Q: What if I still want to charge my attendees a fee to help cover some of my cost?
You can do that! Whatever ticket price you want to charge (up to $50) will go straight back to you the host.

Q: What if I don’t have the budget for the licensing fee and can’t charge my attendees? Are there any scholarship options?
Yes! We will have a limited amount of scholarships available. Please contact our team and we’d be happy to discuss options with you: [email protected]

Q: If I am hosting after February 8-9, do I need to register?
Yes! This is the only way to access the talks from IF:Gathering 2019. No need to purchase a digital download! All you need to do is to register using the tier that most describes your event.

Q: I think I already have an account with IF, can I use that to register?
If you are currently a DISCO member, you can log in using that account. If you have had an app account or IF:Local account in the past, you will need to create a new account for IF:Local registration this year.

**Note: If you do not activate your account, your site will not be created.

Q: Can my co-host(s) have access to my IF:Local event page and registration form?
Yes, you can add co-hosts to your event and they will have access to your IF:Local event page and registration form. When you add them as co-hosts, our system will trigger an email with

Q: Can I hide my location from the map?
Yes! It is located under the “Manage Registration” menu link.

Q: Are there public and private events?
Yes! You can choose to have a public event or a private event. All public events will be represented on the map by a yellow dot, and all private or “closed” events will be represented on the map by an orange dot. If you make your event public, anyone can register!

Q: Can I change my event name?

Q: Can I change my event subdomain or url?
No. This is NOT editable.

Why is this important? It is the URL that you will include on promotions for the event.

Q. What can I change / edit about my event once it is published?

  • You can change your event details, add hosts, and manage attendees.
  • You cannot change the registration form questions, ticket price, or stripe information.

Please contact the IF team ([email protected]) if you need assistance on something you cannot change.

Q: Can I edit my attendees’ information?
Yes, you can edit your attendees’ information, add and remove attendees manually from your roster, and export a report of your IF:Local attendees and their answers to the registration form.

Q: When can my attendees start registering?
You can turn on your registration and invite your attendees to register at any time. You just have to distribute the link to your registration page! We at IF:Gathering will have a big IF:Local Attendee launch day on December 4th. On that day we will release the map and encourage attendees to start signing up! 

Q: Can I use a registration system that is not IF:Gathering?
Yes, you can use your own external registration system. After you have created your IF:Gathering host event, there is a question that asks “Use your own registration system?” It is located under the “Manage Registration” menu link. If you click yes, you will be able to fill in the url to your external registration system. Your pin will be displayed on the map as an IF:Local host site, and when attendees click your link to register, it will direct them to your external registration site.

Attendee Registration Questions

Q: When will the IF:Local Map be available?
We will release the map on December 4th! 

Q: Can multiple attendees register for my event at one time?
No, only one person can register at a time for your IF:Local. Each attendee will need their own email address.

Q: As an attendee, can I hide myself from the attendee list?
Yes, in your account settings, check the box that says “Hide Me” and your name / photo will not be included in the attendee list.

Q: What is the IF:Relive Pass?
It is an optional item that attendees can purchase as they are registering. It will give them one year access to go back and rewatch all of the talks that they saw on the livestream. At only $15, this is the best possible price to have access to all of this amazing content! We hope you encourage your attendees to take advantage of this very special offer.

Q: Will I be able to manually add attendees in my account?
Yes, if you have women who sign up in person, women who are receiving a scholarship, or don’t want to register themselves online, you can add them as attendees in the “Manage Attendees” tab.

Charging // Collecting a Ticket Price

Q: Can only certain sized events charge a ticket price?
All tiers can charge a ticket price per attendee.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can charge?
Yes, you cannot charge more than $50 per ticket.

Q: Can I give scholarships to my attendees?
Yes, you can waive your IF:Local fee for any attendee by manually adding their name and email address to your roster.

Q: What do I need to have in order to collect money from my attendees?
To collect money from attendees through our system, you will need to fill out the IF:Local event fee application in your registration form for approval by the IF Team, and you will also need to create a Stripe account.

Q: How do I setup a Stripe account?

  • Visit https://stripe.com/
  • This is the place you will go to manage your host fee payments. IF:Gathering uses Stripe for its own transactions, but is not formally affiliated with Stripe.
  • Click “Create Account” on the home page. Enter a valid email address, full name, and set your password. Verify that you’re not a robot, and you’re in!
  • Check your inbox for a confirmation email from Stripe. You will need to confirm your account before you are able to accept payments.
  • Click “Activate Account” on the left sidebar to set up your account information. This is required before you are able to accept payments. Enter all of the required information, following the onscreen instructions. Here is some advice for how to do this:
    • It would be best to partner with a church and provide their business information here. However, if this is not an option, then we recommend the following for your Business details:
      • For type of business, select: “Individual, Sole proprietor, or single-member LLC”
      • Skip the EIN field. It is optional.
      • Fill out your *subdomain name*.iflocal.com as the website URL
      • Business Description >> Select Membership Organization >> Religious Organizations
    • Then we recommend the following for Credit Card Settlement Details:
      • Business Name = Your IF:Local Name
      • Customer Support # = Your Phone Number
    • Then for Bank Details, we recommend that you use a separate checking or savings account. Do not use a personal account that receives other deposits beyond your ticket sales.
    • When complete, click “Submit Application” to save your information.
    • Name Your Account in the left sidebar
    • Wait for Account Approval and for your data to be LIVE before connecting it to your IF:Local registration account.

Q: How do I refund an attendee who paid the ticket price?
Through your Stripe account, you can refund your attendee. IF does not have access to your Stripe account and cannot make ticket price refunds. IF can refund the $14.38 digital access fee for an attendee.