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Anno Domini Volume One: The First 500 Years of the Church

Have you ever wondered what happened after the Bible ended? How did the church get from Acts to today? We’ve created an eight-week study on the first 500 years of the church, and it’s the first volume in a series of studies on the history of the church we are calling Anno Domini. It’s a […]

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Woven: The Art of Making Disciples

At IF:Gathering, we are all about making disciples who go and make disciples. In this five-week study, we provide a basic blueprint that helps women take practical steps toward building intentional relationships. Discipleship isn’t a to-do- list nor a program; we believe it is a weaving together of individuals’ lives and stories, just like we’re […]

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Rooted in the Word: A Tool for Studying the Bible

Do you wish to be able to study the Bible? Do you want to learn how to read, understand, and apply the Bible? Rooted is a simple tool in your hand that will equip you to know and understand this important, God-breathed book on your own. Learn what it means to observe, interpret, and apply […]

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