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    Host an IF:Local in Your Home with Only 1 Day of Planning


    We realize how easy it is to talk yourself out of inviting people over.

    “I don’t have time.”

    “I don’t know how to host well.”

    “I’m not prepared.”

    As we get ready for IF:Gathering 2018, we are bursting at the feedback we’re hearing that so many of you have decided to open up your homes this year and invite people in. In order to help you combat the fears and the questions, we’ve developed this quick guide to help you be ready to host your IF:Local at home with only 1 day of planning.

    The decor doesn’t matter. The right snacks don’t matter. Your open door and your desire to disciple the women around you–that’s what matters.

    Let us help you make this easy:




    Your schedule does not have to match IF’s schedule, but you do need to start after the event starts (6:00pm CT). You will be able to rewind or fast forward to skip content if you need to.

    • Here’s a recommended schedule for a Friday/Saturday event:

    IF:Gathering 2018 Dates:

    Friday, February 9th

    Session 1 – 6:00-9:00pm (East Coast has to do 7:00-10:00pm)

    Saturday, February 10th

    Session 2 – 10:00am-1:00pm

    Lunch Break – 1:00-2:00pm

    Session 3 – 2:00-5:00pm

    • Here’s a recommended schedule for a Saturday-only event:

    Saturday, February 10th

    Session 1 – 9:00am – 12:00pm

    Lunch Break – 12:00 – 1:00pm

    Session 2 – 1:00pm-4:00pm

    Session 3 – 4:00-7:00pm

    IF:Gathering Coach Tip: You don’t need to be rigid with the schedule. If you feel like your women need more time for conversation, take that time, and then skip past some of the content to catch up.

    What if I have a conflict and I cannot host the weekend of February 9-10?

    No worries! You can purchase the digital download of the event HERE. On February 26th, you will receive an email notifying you that the talks from IF:Gathering 2018 are available for download. We will also include a one-pager that tells you how long each talk is so you can plan your time. The only content not provided on the digital download is the worship music, and this is due to music licensing laws.

    You’ll want to download the videos ahead of time. You cannot download them on your phone or iPad. You need a computer, and we recommend a 32 GB flash drive or Dropbox account to store them on. You do not want to fill up your computer memory with all of this amazing video content!

    IF:Gathering Coach’s Tip: Do not plan to host an IF:Local February 12-26 because the videos are not available. Block those dates out! The first weekend you can gather is March 2-3. Consider those dates!



    • Register at:
    • Choose “Host an IF:Local”
    • Name your IF:Local … IF:(Your city name). If you are inviting women in your neighborhood, we suggest you name it by your neighborhood development, geographic area, etc.
    • Make sure to mark your gathering as a private gathering if you want to be in control of who you invite to join you. If you want to open it up to women in your area that you may not know, then select to make it public!
    • Set the capacity of your event
    • To complete your registration, you will be asked to donate to IF:Gathering in lieu of a fee to access the livestream. Our hope is that all hosts and participants would consider giving $25 towards IF:Gathering’s vision to equip a generation of women rise up to make disciples who make disciples.
    • Good news! You don’t have to know everything when you register. Once you create your account, you can edit and update as often as you want.
    • Here’s a step-by-step video to help:

    IF:Gathering Coach’s Tip: Bookmark this page (, and save your account information so you can log back in and manage your roster and update your event information!


    3) INVITE! Send the link to your registration page to everyone you want to invite.

    • Think about your friends, neighbors, or people from church who you want to get to know better.
    • Below you will find information about the event that will help you communicate what the event is about and what to expect.
    • When you log in to the registration page, you will see a tab called ‘Roster’ where you can see and download a list of attendees who have registered for your event. Here’s where you can log in:

    IF:Gathering Coach’s Tip: I suggest you send a reminder to your attendees with details about food, what to bring (Bible, journal, etc), address of the event, and your contact information at least twice before the gathering – one month before and one week before.


    To play the livestream, you must have a solid internet connect. A MINIMUM of 5-10mb (megabit) download speed is required. Here is a website that will test internet speed and tell you what your download speed is:

    The best way to ensure that you have a positive streaming experience:

    • We would encourage you to NOT use wifi. Instead, connect your computer to the internet via an Ethernet Cable.
    • For optimal viewing experience, we recommend connecting your computer to a television so that everyone can gather around something larger than a computer screen. The best way to do that is using an HDMI or VGA cable. You can also use Chromecast or Amazon Prime, but they’re not as reliable as good old fashioned cables!

    IF:Gathering Coach’s Tip: No matter how perfect your technology is, there will be glitches! It is the nature of a live event, and there always seem to be skips and bumps. Give grace and prepare your attendees. We’re all along for the ride and going to make the best of our time together.



    • Be creative! Maybe you want to order food and have all women bring $10 to go toward that. Maybe you do potluck style. Or maybe you have women bring their own food and you provide drinks.
    • Make sure to include these details when you register your event if you know. If not, add it later and include it in communications to your attendees leading up to the event!


    • Download and print the Conversation Cards. (We’ll email these to you on January 12th.)
    • At the end of the event, we will have an interactive moment. Please provide a matchbook and pen for each attendee.
    • Text your attendees a link to our Mobile Attendee Guide so they can follow along as they watch. (We’ll email it to you on January 12th!)
    • Test your internet during one of our livestream testing times on Thursday, Feb. 8, at 8:00pm or Friday, Feb. 9, at noon Central via a link that IF will send you.
    • Make sure your home is comfortable and conducive to women connecting and watching the livestream.


    There is a large community of women and coaches that want you to have a great gathering. Join our Facebook Community for IF:Local Leaders and engage with them there:

    About IF:Gathering 2018

    What IF we followed God with perseverance instead of insecurity? At IF:Gathering 2018, we will look at one of Paul’s letters to Timothy as he reminded him of the power and responsibility of sharing the gospel. We want to give God away in the very places He’s put us, so we’re going to gather for the purpose of remembering why following God and making disciples matters. We all get tired, we all wonder if what we’re doing matters, so IF:Gathering 2018 will be the reminder–it will be the celebration. The work we’re doing to share the gospel on the earth is worth it and God DOES move through the little things that nobody sees.

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