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    Announcing our Advent study, Emmanuel: Sixteen Encounters with Jesus


    Emmanuel. God with us. Jesus, the one who saves us from sin. For the Advent season, this is what we celebrate, what we meditate on, why we worship the Lord. In the midst of the busy season of Christmas—parties, gifts, family, friends, traveling, shopping—we want to invite you to have an encounter with Jesus. To experience Jesus as Emmanuel—who is with us, with you. The God of the universe so near that He is with you at all times. Through this study, we pray that you will experience Jesus, that you will have an encounter with Him, that you will experience the beautiful, life changing meaning of Emmanuel—God with you.

    Click below to hear Jennie Allen’s heart behind this study, and join us for Emmanuel: Sixteen Encounters with Jesus starting Monday, November 27th!

    Emmanuel starts Monday, November 27th, and there are a few ways to participate:

    • Purchase our beautiful bundle offer for yourself or as an early Christmas gift to family and friends, and join us as we prepare our hearts for the season. We’ve collaborated with our friend and incredible artist, Deann, to create a custom painting inspired by this Advent study.
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