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    Trusting God in the Flood: Meet Robin

    “Through the chaos of this, He is teaching me that He is so good and He is so faithful and He’s got this. A lot of good will come from it. I already see it in the little things.” – Robin Palmer

    Photo credit: Esther Havens

    In 2016, Robin wrote the word “TRUST” on her domino as she left her IF:Local gathering in the Houston area. It was a challenge to herself to look to God through every unknown ahead. When hurricane Harvey flooded Robin’s home in August, she found herself rummaging through her closet looking for things that were salvageable. It was there that she found the “TRUST” domino–a small but simple reminder that God is still in control of the unknown.

    Our team had the chance to meet Robin recently. We gathered with her in her kitchen–a place her family once gathered for meals, now left with empty cabinets and torn out appliances. A room once meant for comfort, now broken open.

    It was there we heard Robin speak of the way God hadn’t left. The way He had been faithful. The way He continues to work in the smallest things, reminding her that He is still the one to trust. As she swept up debris and dust from the aftermath and talked about their plans to restore their home, she did so with a peace–one that comes from straight from God himself.

    Photo credit: Esther Havens



    We want to serve women like Robin, and others in the greater Houston area, by doing something tangible to help them make home feel like home again. So, we’re throwing a giant kitchen shower! We know how special it is for families to gather around the table–especially with the holidays approaching–and we want to help them fill their cabinets with things that were ruined in the flood. Will you join us? You can find a wish list of kitchen items and have them shipped straight to Houston by heading to

    1) Order your gift by visiting, 2) It’ll be shipped to the Restock the Kitchen Distribution Center, and 3) Our team will pass out the gifts on November 11th. Live in Texas and want to volunteer with us in Houston that day? You can sign up here.

    Photo credit: Esther Havens

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