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    Joy in the Storm: Meet Evangeline


    It was Evangeline’s smile that made us feel right at home as soon as she opened the door.

    We stepped into her house to find that hurricane Harvey had been there. Flooding from the storm had left Evangeline and her family with walls that had to be ripped out and a kitchen that needed to be put back together.

    But her joy was contagious.

    As we stood in her home, we heard about the way that something as simple as a home-cooked meal and love had made her kitchen more than a place to eat. It was a place of safety and fellowship. And we felt it too.

    Photo credit: Esther Havens

    There was a constant theme in conversation that day as we got to know Evangeline and other families in Houston. Our team thought we were there to bring some encouragement and compassion after they each suffered so much damage and heartbreak because of Harvey. Conversation after conversation, however, we found hope. And joy. And perseverance. We heard of the way the local church had served so tirelessly; acting quickly and selflessly as the very hands and feet of Jesus in Houston.

    Before we could offer to pray for Evangeline, she insisted on praying for us. Blown away yet again by her joy, we found ourselves in tears–not because we were leaving a home full of suffering, but because we were leaving a home full of the Holy Spirit. Proof that God WAS and IS at work in the storm and the rebuilding.

    With Thanksgiving soon approaching, we want to serve families, like Evangeline’s, who have been affected by hurricane Harvey, by restocking their kitchens with everything they need! We value the opportunity to gather around the table for live-giving, God-centered conversation–and what better place to do that than the kitchen? Something Evangeline knows so very well.

    We have 100 kitchens to restock. Will you help us?

    To send a kitchen item, all you need to do is head to and click “ORDER A GIFT.” There you can scroll through a wish list of items to purchase and have shipped straight to a distribution center in Houston.

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