What is IF:Table?

A place to gather women and share a simple meal and dive deep with people over real stories and Christ centered conversations. A time for a whole lot of laughter – and maybe a few tears – but time spent that leaves us with glad hearts. Full hearts. Grateful hearts.

We're inviting you to join us by hosting a dinner with us. Once a month in your local communities

The vision is

6 women

4 questions

2 hours

(Acts 2:46)

Invite your people, prepare a simple meal, and we will provide the conversation cards 2 weeks before each IF:Table.

When is IF:Table?

We encourage you to eat with us on the Second Sunday of every month. However, if that time does not work for you and your guests, then do it another time that day or week!

Where is IF:Table?

At YOUR Table! Wherever that may be… However messy… Pinterest uninspired… Regardless, Tweet/Instagram/Facebook pictures of your women and your table using the hashtag #IFTable

Who do I invite to my IF:Table?

You feel free to invite whoever you like to this first IF:Table dinner! In the future, we will provide ideas or challenges for women to gather around the table.


Do I ask different women each month or the same group of 6 month to month?

We want you to dream and pray about who you gather around your IF:Table. This month, invite whoever you feel called to invite. In future months, we will provide ideas and maybe even a challenge to you for who to invite and to connect with around the table

Do I have to have my IF:Table group on the second Sunday?

If the second Sunday doesn’t work for you, plan your IF:Table on another day. But do join us online as we celebrate monthly together.

I want to host an IF:Table but I don’t know who to invite – is there a way I can meet people that might want to do this in my area?

Yes! We encourage you to check out IF:Local on Facebook to see if there are women in your area. If you can’t find them there, consider getting outside your comfort zone. Pray. Ask God who you should invite. Then go for it! We’ll be here to encourage you.

Will there be a live video or any other technical elements to the IF:Table?

Nope! We do not want to distract from the deep connections that are possible around the table. All you need are the conversation cards, and we want to hear from you after your table gathering. Tweet/post/email ([email protected]) photos and stories from your table. Don’t forget the hashtag #IFTable.